Established :1994 (Regd.NO.S-26797/94)

Disaster Management, Ecological Security & Sustainable Development

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Green Cross India ( is a type of Red Cross for the environment. It was established in 1994 under the Indian Societies Registration Act. 1860 vide registration no. S/26797/94. Promoted by a group of dedicated professionals, responsible social Activists and compassion fatigue Service Providers for the purpose of establishing & maintaining Ecological Security & Sustainable Development, Green Cross India is a non-profit, non-governmental movement, spreading Environmental Responsibility and Ecological Values.

The thrust of Green Cross India is to wide spread Eco Activism and provide human intervention with the environment to resolve/ counter/ tackle amicably and equitably all forms of environmental degradation and ecological challenges to ensure healthy survival of mankind. We as a Think Tank and an Advocacy Group seek cooperation of other similar groups in the country as well as in other countries of the world.

Our aim is to sensitize people with a positive awareness of and responsibility towards common threats to humanity posed by poverty, in security & environmental destruction. Positive awareness & responsibility of actions in environment are important to promote and secure conditions for all people to enjoy.

AIMS: a clear desire for peace & concern for the environment
a) to create awareness, interest and involvement of different sections of the society in the schemes, programmes and activities of the central and state government as well as international organizations in control and elimination of all forms of pollution and the preservation of India’s unique eco-system.

b) to act and assist as a voluntary monitoring and advisory agency for the implementation of all schemes and programmes of governmental and non-governmental agencies and evolve a lobby to strengthen the political will to intervene effectively in environmental and related matters.

c) To act as a catalyst in the formulation and implementation of viable schemes and projects in an effort to rediscover the social cultural and religious ethos and values relating to the eco-system and natural resources enshrined in the prestige of the country and dissemination among different sections of the society.

i) to promote inter disciplinary research, practice and public policy for preservation of the environment.

ii) identification of neglected/unattended area and formulation and implementation of specific schemes.

iii) To motivate and educate people by enlisting active participation in creating a pollution-free environment and conservation of natural resources through voluntary efforts.

iv) To promote training of concerned individuals through regular programmes.

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